The “appliance operator” approach to ATV is to purchase a fully assembled AM ATV transceiver from P.C. Electronics such as their TC70-20S 20-Watt (PEP) transceiver.  Such a device provides simple, all-in-one operation, at a fairly hefty price tag.  If you’d rather get started at lower cost, you can purchase one or more of the transmitter or receiver boards manufactured by Comtec in Taiwan, and well described by Barry VE6SBS.  Barry describes, in detail, the operation of a line of FM ATV transmit and receive modules.  These modules may be obtained from or in the UK from G1MFG, although they are basically value-added middleman importers from Taiwan.  Another, much less expensive option is MobiCOMM of the Netherlands, who also modifies these Comtec based FM transceiver modules for ATV use. 


It is probably best to avoid the large quantity of surplus TVRO satellite set-top receivers, which are theoretically capable of downcoverting 1.2 GHZ FMATV signals to video.  The problem is that these devices have a deviation that is wider than standard amateur FM, and thus the sensitivity is dramatically reduced using this type of receiving equipment.  However, if you are handy with a schematic and a soldering iron, you can probably modify these receivers for ATV use if you try.


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