DARA Antennas


Created on Tuesday, 20 March 2012 Last Updated on Monday, 28 October 2013 Written by Steve Coy

W8BI Antennas at B-Road

We currently have 4 main antenna towers


Our Main Antenna 

From the picture, you can see that we utilize this tower for our ATV repeater, the W8HEQ D-Star repeaters and our links for our analog repeaters


Our North West Tower

This tower has our back up HF beam, a Force 12. ALong with this, we have 432 Yagi on top.

Hanging off the tower you will see a 75M dipole. On the side, we have a 2M/70CM vertical
and our 2M receive antenna for our analog repeater.


Our South Tower

This is our main HF Tower, our Monster Step IR. 

On top is a 2M Yagi.


Inside the club house we have a separate "users" table that you can use through the patch panel to test your rig out with any of our antennas that are not currently in use.